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Highlands Union Bank Internet services and Maintenance Policy Time Windows


None – HUB's operational security is normal.


9 Apr 2014 09:05 AM EDT - ANNOUNCEMENT - We have a major system upgrade project is schedule between April 25, 2014 7:00PM EDT and April 28, 2014 7:00AM EDT. Highlands Union Bank systems will not be available during this period. Thank you for your understanding. Highlands Union Bank IT Department.

10 Apr 2014 11:14AM EDT - ANNOUNCEMENT - Earlier this week news reports started appearing regarding an issue with the OpenSSL library and the way it handles TLS/DTLS heartbeats between server and client; thus the media coined it the Heartbleed security issue.

The technology community discovered that vulnerable systems would not only need to be patched with the appropriate version of the OpenSSL library, but they would also need to revoke their existing server keys and request a new SSL certificate. OpenSSL is primarily associated with web servers like Apache and Nginx; however, it's also used to encrypt traffic for some email servers, VPNs, and various other network services and appliances.

Everyone needs to evaluate their systems to determine if any vulnerability affects them and take actions required to mitigate a risk. In the normal course of Highlands Union Bank's operational security the "Heartbleed" matter was fully considered, researched and closed. For security reasons HUB does not disclose information about HUB's systems. We can state that we did review this vulnerability before it was made public and we continue to follow updated technical information being released on all technology risks. This is a 24x7 process.

We are aware that a few untrusted web sites are falsely publishing misinformation and testers are yielding false positives to generate hype and fear around the issue. We have not seen HUB on any of these sites, but it could happen and we cannot control such misinformation. Each news outlet makes their own determination on what to broadcast or print regarding any story. We recommend that everyone use only trusted sources for authoritative technical information.

We are confident that HUB systems never did and do not present any risk associated with the "Heartbleed" security issue. BY wec

30 Oct 2010 12:22 PM EDT – There was an issue with a server disk that was preventing the authentication process from completing successfully when customers attempted to logon to Internet banking. It was resolved at 30 Oct 2010 12:15 PM EDT. Bc

28 Aug 2010 – Our Internet site will be down for maintenance on Saturday September 11, 2010 at 8:00 P.M. for 6 hours. This is a major upgrade notice to our customers.

20 Mar 2010 11:41AM EST – Our Internet bank database did not update last night as it should. The issue appears to be with a service that failed to fire at its scheduled time. We manually updated IB and will have to investigate the root cause of this issue on Monday. IB is optimal now; time is 20 Mar 2010 1:01PM EST. wec

18 Dec 2009 8:10AM EDT – We are implementing system upgrades starting on Saturday 19 Dec 2009 at 8PM EST. These upgrades do not involved our web services but do involved the real-time backend that our Internet banking interface with; so balance refreshes and upcoming items will not function during the upgrade.

18 Oct 2009 12:44AM EDT – RESOLVED the issue where internet bank customers could not retrieve upcoming transactions. wc

17 Oct 2009 11:18PM EDT – Internet bank customers are having a problem retrieving upcoming transactions. We have people on site working on this. No ETR at this time. wc

23 Aug 2009 12:15PM EDT – We are performing some necessary maintenance on SQL databases in our Abingdon VA NOC and this will affect access to our public web site. We expect the down time to be approximately 1h20m and we expect to be finished with databases that affect IB by 1:00PM EDT. - IT Dept wc

9 Aug 2009 2:21AM EDT – We are experiencing a problem in our Abingdon Network Operations Center where firewall logs grew too large over the previous 7 days to allow maintenance routines to run successfully. We responded at 3 AM to the alarm and resumed limited service at 9:20 AM. Additional work is required before we can resume full operations, so we expect moments where the Internet bank site will be down up to 5 PM on Sunday. Thank you for your understanding and business. HUB IT Dept, wc